0001516: [Improvement] Add a "Manage - Stage Area" screen that allows the staging area to be browsed. Move the "Clear Staging" button to this screen. (chenson)
0001499: [Improvement] Show a warning on the trigger screen if a table is configured without a primary key and 'sync key names' has not been set (chenson)
0001500: [Bug] Catch and ignore vaadin CacheRefreshException on the process panel screen. It doesn't seem to cause issues so ignore the error (chenson)
0001501: [Improvement] Add data/sec column to the process info panel (chenson)
0001503: [New Feature] Add a feature to allow the user to specify tables to reload from the web user interface (chenson)
0001515: [Improvement] In REST API documentation UI allow the response type to be switched to application/xml (chenson)
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