Released 2014-01-17
0001434: [Improvement] Build up classpath differently so path too long error isn't encountered in windows (elong)
0001518: [Bug] rebuild of trigger hist fails on some platforms (postgres, firebird, oracle) when upgrading from 3.1 to 3.5 (chenson)
0001520: [Improvement] Add further details about Linux installation as a service options (mhanes)
0001521: [Improvement] For system snapshot capture not only outbound table definitions, but also incoming table definitions (chenson)
0001524: [Improvement] When applying a SQL event, support multiple SQL statements. Support additional replacement tokens. (chenson)
0001527: [Improvement] Add information about data gaps to the snapshot (chenson)
0001528: [Bug] Routing can get stuck if there are lots of gaps that range across a large amount of data that has already been routed (chenson)
0001531: [Bug] isDataGapExpired() in DataGapDectector can leave old gaps if the next data id is not present (chenson)
0001532: [Bug] integer value logged correctly at server, but inserted as different value at client (chenson)
0001533: [Bug] Unable to create trigger if primary key column excluded (chenson)
0001534: [Bug] API - createTriggersOnChannelForTables() fails when it encounters a table name that is longer than 50 characters (chenson)
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