Released 2014-02-05
0001559: [Improvement] If there are no primary keys defined when the database writer is processing an update or delete report an error. (chenson)
0001553: [Bug] REST API HEARTBEAT returning NotAllowException (chenson)
0001556: [Bug] Wildcard triggers for tables with same name in different catalog/schema (elong)
0000677: [Improvement] Allow the sym commands to be added to PATH and be called from any location (elong)
0001542: [Improvement] Need a math transform for transforming columns. (abrougher)
0001543: [Bug] Upgrade of schema from 3.3 to 3.5 on H2 fails (chenson)
0001544: [Bug] API - transactions aren't being committed in the sequence service api for applications (outside of symmetricds) that use the api (chenson)
0001545: [Improvement] Unlock should use symmetricds server time, not database time, for consistency. (chenson)
0001546: [Bug] Table definition does not update correctly (postgresql) (chenson)
0001548: [Bug] Subdirectories with file sync from Windows to Linux has backslashes (elong)
0001549: [Bug] Delete of file is not synced (chenson)
0001550: [Bug] Sybase ASE : Lost precision from Datetime fields (elong)
0001555: [Bug] API - ddl of type CLOB for sql server tries to change the column type on restarts (chenson)
0001529: [Bug] Columns in old data are not transformed causing conflict detection (chenson)
0001558: [Improvement] Add the ability to use the old column value to the list of variable column transform options (mhanes)
0001561: [Task] Example of configuring log4j to send errors over email (elong)
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