Released 2015-01-06
0001591: [Bug] Quotation marks w. sample creation script
0002088: [Bug] The addition of a new symds configuration table makes registration incompatible with previous versions (chenson)
0001756: [Bug] dbimport doesn't handle relative pathnames (elong)
0001952: [Bug] NullPointerException when setting replication for an unsupported table in PostgreSQL (chenson)
0000043: [New Feature] Expressions for target_schema_name (elong)
0001621: [Improvement] Move SymmetricDS to Gradle (chenson)
0001650: [New Feature] Reverse initial load with symadmin (elong)
0001828: [Improvement] Update jTDS driver from 1.2.4 to 1.2.8 (chenson)
0001970: [Improvement] Valuemap transform syntax for passing values through (elong)
0001985: [Improvement] Add support for DB2 iSeries (AS/400) (elong)
0002020: [Bug] Log4j cannot be configured to send errors by email (chenson)
0002040: [Improvement] Can't set windows service dependencies in sym_service.conf (elong)
0002047: [Improvement] Add extension service that can read extensions from database (elong)
0002048: [Improvement] Option for delayed start of Windows service (elong)
0002050: [Bug] dropping a table before dropping trigger causes NPE (chenson)
0002057: [Improvement] The sync triggers cluster lock is being grabbed every ten seconds (so initial load events are not inserted during trigger sync) (chenson)
0002060: [Improvement] We currently log data sent and received from jobs at INFO level. Do the same from the server side. (chenson)
0002063: [Improvement] Remove the getName() method from the IColumnTransform interface (chenson)
0002067: [Bug] Snapshot fails when run on nodes that are not registered (chenson)
0002092: [Bug] Should be able to remove mongo and amazon jar files and the application should still work (chenson)
0002102: [Improvement] Remove double logging of exception messages to improve log readability (chenson)
0002108: [Improvement] Add processinfo to track when symmetricds is "inserting load events" on the route job thread (chenson)
0002114: [Improvement] Upgrade sqlite jdbc library version to latest version (chenson)
0002115: [Bug] Stream lobs doesn't work with tables in a different schema when router.use_source_catalog_schema is set to 0 (chenson)
0002119: [Bug] common batch mode incorrectly detected if a table syncs bidirectionally on different channels (chenson)
0002122: [Improvement] Remove deprecated Data Gap Purge Job (chenson)
0002123: [Improvement] Update the samples files for the Quick Start Tutorial (abailey)
0002109: [Bug] Trigger creation fails on Sybase ASE database for CLOB,BLOB,BINARY,VARBINARY,LONGBINARY (chenson)
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