Released 2014-07-12
0001755: [Bug] XML Data (schema and data) is not properly escaped. (chenson)
0001758: [Bug] PostgreSQL default value for 'uuid' field type (chenson)
0001781: [Bug] Uninstall fails if file sync is configured (chenson)
0001782: [Bug] initial.load.create.first fails for tables with a unique index on the primary key (chenson)
0001783: [Bug] A default value of (sysdate) should not translate to '(sysdate)' in the create statement when initial.load.create.first is on (chenson)
0001785: [Bug] Hard coded EXECUTE AS OWNER in Sql Server triggers causes issues if the tables are created under another account (chenson)
0001787: [Bug] Reverse initial load is broken in 3.6 (chenson)
0001789: [Bug] property is defined backwards. It is being used opposite of the definition. (chenson)
0001790: [Improvement] Add REST service to send schema changes (chenson)
0001793: [Bug] When the is reached and the staging manager writes the buffer to a file the buffer is not removed (chenson)
0001794: [Bug] Fix null pointer on busy system during staging area clean (chenson)
0001795: [Bug] DDL modification in schema different than symetricds one (chenson)
0001796: [Bug] Unable to parse ISO-8601 datetime on sqlite (chenson)
0001797: [Bug] sym_table_reload_request should be cleaned up when a node is deleted (chenson)
0001798: [Improvement] Add support for wildcarded catalogs and schemas (chenson)
0001801: [Bug] DbExport does not handle timestamp(9) on Oracle (elong)
0001802: [Bug] DbExport does not handle BLOB on DB2 (elong)
0001803: [Bug] Removing a node using engine.removeAndCleanupNode method on a master to master cluster does not send the remove to other nodes (chenson)
0001804: [Bug] sym_node_host on the heartbeat channel can cause FK errors when a node is removed (chenson)
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