Released 2014-08-02
0001853: [Improvement] Clear staging if transformation changes come through the data loader or data router (chenson)
0001867: [Bug] Windows service won't stop (elong)
0001852: [Bug] When a table has multiple transforms, the order of execution should be reversed when a delete comes through the system (chenson)
0001856: [Bug] Bsh variables for transformedData and transformColumn not being updated (elong)
0001857: [Bug] Initial load is broken for the master to master sync scenario (chenson)
0001859: [Improvement] Document that a -1 node id in outgoing batch means that the batch was unrouted (chenson)
0001863: [Bug] Triggers get blown away when saving a link for an individual table. broke with 0001827 fix (chenson)
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