Released 2014-08-11
0001668: [Bug] PostGIS Spatial data replication fails with SRID problem (chenson)
0001860: [Bug] symmetric-wrapper should not include the version number, otherwise the service needs to be reinstalled on each upgrade (elong)
0001868: [Bug] Introduce a more accurate way to get a machine's hostname (chenson)
0001870: [Improvement] Include directory listing of symmetricds installation in snapshot (chenson)
0001873: [Bug] Control Center doesn't start on Windows if not Administrator (elong)
0001875: [Improvement] Add extensions.xml property which can be used to configure symmetric extensions (like jms) via database configuration (chenson)
0001877: [Bug] Process status can be stranded in non-ok or non-error status on pull if an io expection occurs in the uri handler (chenson)
0001879: [Bug] Database upgrade fails on sql server because drop index doesn't allow database name in the ddl (chenson)
0001881: [Bug] MS Azure does not support the sysconstraints view (chenson)
0001886: [Bug] SymmetricDS upgrade on Azure fails. (chenson)
0001887: [Bug] http.concurrent.workers.max doesn't prevent the same node from over pulling on itself (chenson)
0001888: [Improvement] Improve stagedresource (chenson)
0001889: [Improvement] Add reverse version of initial load before/after sql (elong)
0001892: [Bug] New version of Postgis fails to replicate (chenson)
0001893: [Improvement] Log information about failed column transform to make it easier to debug transforms (chenson)
0001894: [Improvement] Make lookup transform column names case insensitive when used as named parameters in sql (chenson)
0001895: [Improvement] Add support for token replacement for $(sourceCatalogName) and $(sourceSchemaName) in lookup table transform (chenson)
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