0001864: [Bug] Test SymmetricDS install on Java 8 and Windows 7. I don't think the service will stop properly. (elong)
0001865: [Bug] SymmetricDS upgrade on Windows 7 defaults to C:\Program Files versus C:\SymmetricDS-Pro (elong)
0001616: [Improvement] Configuration of transforms has been said to "Give me more headaches than a rap concert." Simplify configuration. (abailey)
0001871: [Improvement] Improve performance of transform edit column screen by using cached metadata (chenson)
0001872: [Improvement] Installer should check if service name already in use (elong)
0001874: [Bug] sync on update is missing on the edit trigger form (chenson)
0001878: [Improvement] Installer should prompt for service name only when installing service (elong)
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