Released 2014-08-27
0001920: [New Feature] Redshift database dialect (elong)
0001869: [Bug] The symmetric wrapper kills the process when an OOM error occurs before the heap can be dumped (elong)
0001907: [Improvement] Add the ability to republish xml messages via jmx (chenson)
0001910: [Bug] Too many connections when network environment is bad. Bug in DBCP. (chenson)
0001917: [Improvement] SymmetricDS should find tables in schemas and catalogs other than the default schema/catalog when schema/catalog is left blank (chenson)
0001921: [Bug] While sending a batch, if a batch is set to IG and an error occurs, then the batch gets set to ER and the IG status is ignored (chenson)
0001922: [Bug] Incorrect conversion of values of type BIT in SQL Server 2005 to SQLite (chenson)
0001925: [Bug] Send Table Schema uses cached tables (chenson)
0001926: [Improvement] Add that when set will truncate data to fit in the target column (chenson)
0001929: [Bug] Routing reader can get stuck if an Error is thrown during the close of the read cursor (chenson)
0001930: [Bug] Upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6 of Sybase ASA fails (chenson)
0001935: [Improvement] Upgrade mongodb java client (chenson)
0001938: [Improvement] Add the ability to copy a node to a new node id (chenson)
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