Released 2014-09-30
0001996: [Improvement] Support JSON data type. Map all Types.OTHER to LONGVARCHAR for Postgres. (chenson)
0001942: [Bug] PostGIS initial load fails unless you set (chenson)
0001969: [Bug] Integer conversion between Oracle and PostgreSQL maps to wrong type (chenson)
0001977: [Bug] The bean shell router swallows errors and does not route the data (chenson)
0001978: [Bug] NullPointerException in ColumnsToRowsValueColumnTransform (chenson)
0001979: [Bug] Broken replication on tables with uuid field (chenson)
0001980: [Improvement] Report script line number for bsh transforms and bsh routers (chenson)
0001983: [Improvement] Better document reverse initial load (chenson)
0001984: [Bug] Wrong key values can be returned when load transforms don't put keys at beginning of transform list (chenson)
0001986: [Improvement] REST call for reading parameters (elong)
0001987: [Improvement] Add extension for filtering parameters as they are saved (elong)
0001988: [Bug] Default values for ARRAY types on Postgres cause create tables to fail (chenson)
0001989: [Bug] Switching cluster locks off causes initialization error (elong)
0001993: [Improvement] Add support for composite data types in postgres (chenson)
0001994: [Bug] Time columns in postgres should be captured as time only. Date is currently captured which breaks the postgres bulk loader (chenson)
0001991: [Improvement] Allow override of startup parameters (elong)
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