Released 2014-10-09
0001997: [Bug] Excessive logging from PropertiesFactoryBean (elong)
0001998: [Bug] Support ntext type on sql server with the JTDS driver (chenson)
0001999: [Bug] Server can hang when database is unavailable while attempting to handle connection attempt from client (chenson)
0002000: [Bug] SymmetricDS startup fails. Check for existence of sym tables isn't limited to the default catalog and schema at start up (chenson)
0002002: [Bug] delete and update transforms are broken when dealing with compound primary keys (chenson)
0002004: [Bug] Multiplier transforms don't use correct old data (chenson)
0002006: [Improvement] Add dataloader.apply.changes.only property that control whether update statements will update all columns or only changed column (chenson)
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