Released 2014-10-27
0002009: [Bug] Java column transform cannot compile inner classes (elong)
0002027: [Bug] Firebird detection of auto increment columns should look for existence of trigger, not the generator itself (chenson)
0001286: [Bug] Failed to create trigger when table contains timestamp with time zone column in Oracle (chenson)
0002010: [Bug] Initial load failing on Firebird because of "Implementation limit exceeded. Block size exceeds implementation restriction" (chenson)
0002011: [Improvement] Automatically handle conversion from Time to Timestamp during data load (chenson)
0002014: [Bug] Stopping service from sym_service on Windows does not stop wrapper (elong)
0002016: [Bug] On some platforms (sybase) sql fails when numeric column names are used in the where clause of initial load sql (chenson)
0002017: [Improvement] Log the DDL that installs functions required for SymmetricDS as it is being installed (similar to the way we log table DDL) (chenson)
0002018: [Improvement] Translate sql server's getdate() function to current_timestamp when used as a default value in building ddl for other platforms (chenson)
0002022: [Improvement] Add which allows the options to be passed to the copy command for the red shift bulk loader (chenson)
0002023: [Bug] bsh router is broken when capture old data is turned off (chenson)
0002024: [Bug] Should not have to specify properties file for symadmin command if only one properties file exists (chenson)
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