Released 2014-11-03
0002029: [Bug] When old data is off and a primary key is updated in the same batch where a primary key is not updated will result in a failure (chenson)
0002030: [Improvement] For initial load deletes, provide BOTH source and target node replacement variables (chenson)
0002032: [Improvement] Resolve table name in create trigger statement with default catalog and schema if source catalog and schema are not specified (chenson)
0002036: [Improvement] When a router fails to route a data row, no information is logged about the failed data row (chenson)
0002041: [Bug] Initial load failing on Interbase because of "Implementation limit exceeded. Block size exceeds implementation restricti (chenson)
0002042: [Bug] Create of data_id trigger on sym_data fails on firebird and interbase if db.delimited.identifier.mode=false (chenson)
0002043: [Bug] The "other" data type template for Postgres should escape string values just like the string template. (chenson)
0002046: [Improvement] Add left and bleft column transforms (chenson)
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