Released 2014-12-01
0002065: [Bug] Newer wins conflict resolution does not work on Android (chenson)
0001310: [Improvement] Support sql dialect 1 for firebird (elong)
0002062: [Bug] Slow SYM_DATA reads on Firebird (chenson)
0002064: [Bug] NVARCHAR field is not mapped in MySQL DDL Builder (josh-a-hicks)
0002068: [Bug] SymmetricLauncher references a MySQL string utils class. The MySQL jdbc jar file should not be required (chenson)
0002069: [Bug] MySQL DDL Builder for auto increment columns, decimal type is not valid must be bigint (josh-a-hicks)
0002076: [Bug] Synchronization is not performed if datetime column has changes in fractional seconds part (chenson)
0002077: [Bug] Sql Server and MySQL bulk database writer should use quoted identifiers around table names (chenson)
0002081: [Improvement] Disable SSLv3 (chenson)
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