Released 2014-12-26
0002078: [Bug] Service wrapper unsatisfied link error (elong)
0002090: [Bug] Informix installations fail when existing SymmetricDS tables exist due to case sensitive comparisons (chenson)
0002094: [Bug] Row deletion is not synced if table has conflict resolution by timestamp (chenson)
0002100: [Bug] getChannelStatus REST call is broken (chenson)
0002101: [Improvement] Add a property that instructs symmetricds to use PK from target tables when creating update and delete statements (chenson)
0002103: [Bug] Create table to check and allow for identity columns that are not part of PK. (josh-a-hicks)
0002104: [Improvement] Add feature to turn off the use of default values in the create schema first feature (chenson)
0002105: [Bug] Error code 2601 on Sql Server should be treated like other unique constraint errors (chenson)
0002107: [Bug] Initial load extract in background can fail when purge is set aggressively (chenson)
0002110: [Bug] On firebird ddl fails if table column switches from NOT NULL to NULLABLE (chenson)
0002111: [Improvement] When big transactions are interspersed routing requires a lot of memory which can result in OOM errors (chenson)
0002112: [Bug] When lots of unrouted data exists with small transactions, the peek ahead queue can get big and cause out of memory errors (chenson)
0002113: [Bug] sqlite trigger fails to capture data when a blank string is inserted into a datetime field (chenson)
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