0002130: [Improvement] Minor improvements to the File routing and Table Routing screens (abailey)
0002129: [Improvement] Anchor the "More Help" buttons and new configuration items to the appropriate sections in the doc (abailey)
0002126: [Bug] XmlPublisherDataRouter, when configured doesn't show up in pro ui list of possible data routers to configure (chenson)
0002128: [Bug] Fix nullpointer when client node unregisters itself using the Manage/Nodes/Registration/Unregister button (chenson)
0002131: [Improvement] Change the database select in the config node wizard to make finding all the databases easier (chenson)
0002132: [Bug] Error when clicking on data count on outgoing batch panel after switching between nodes in a multi-homed install (chenson)
0002134: [Bug] Index out of bounds error during quick start wizard with only 1 router configured (chenson)
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