Released 2015-02-05
0002173: [Improvement] "arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation" on firebird due to row_data being > 10k. Log a better error msg. (chenson)
0002174: [Bug] Redshift Bulkloader - S3 regions that require v4 of the authentication protocol get an error (chenson)
0002175: [Improvement] Package jt400 ibm as400/iSeries jar file with SymmetricDS (chenson)
0002176: [Bug] iSeries - Any tools that insert into sym_data cause errors because of invalid query to lookup last identity record (chenson)
0002177: [Bug] When a case sensitive collation is used on sql server alters to prevent page lock escalation fail with a warning (chenson)
0002178: [Improvement] Allow the use of wildcards in catalog and schema for load filters (chenson)
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