Released 2015-02-17
0002205: [Bug] Subselect router arguments are encoded on reload (chenson)
0002191: [Bug] Unrouted batches end up with a status of NE and never get purged (chenson)
0002192: [Bug] Conflict resolution of FALLBACK transforms update to insert although row exists (chenson)
0002193: [Improvement] Only run the check for abandoned batches check once after the server starts, not everytime we route (chenson)
0002194: [Bug] postgres geometry types broken by issue 1996 (chenson)
0002196: [Improvement] Bsh Data Router: Bind in nodeIds for nodes that would normally be routed to. Useful for implementing default behavior. (chenson)
0002197: [Bug] Right before a node loads registration configuration, clear out sym_data on the config channel (chenson)
0002200: [Bug] Microsoft JDBC maps nvarchar(max) and varchar(max) to a varchar with a size. Should be mapped to a longvarchar or longnvarchar. (chenson)
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