Released 2015-03-06
0002216: [Bug] Replication of rows with NULL in large object column on PostgreSQL throws exception (chenson)
0002230: [Bug] HSQLDB ddl builder doesn't creates a varbinary instead of a blob when the type in xml is blob (chenson)
0002219: [Bug] When Primary key is binary; SymmetricDS fails capture changes. (chenson)
0002222: [Bug] BSH transform context variables overwrite column variables (elong)
0002223: [Bug] platform should pass in setting for whether to use autocommit for ddl in createDatabase and dropDatabase. (chenson)
0002224: [Bug] When calling symadmin open-regsitration only works for the first two nodes with the same id (chenson)
0002225: [Bug] JMX method openRegistration should behave like the command line openRegistration command (chenson)
0002226: [Bug] Sql Server 2000's default schema is the user. We had hardcoded dbo as the schema which only worked for dbowner accounts (chenson)
0002227: [Bug] Initial load create first does not support the creation of REAL columns for sqlite (chenson)
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