Released 2015-08-08
0002346: [Bug] Metadata lookup does not properly escape _ and % for table and column lookups (chenson)
0002364: [Improvement] DBExport ability to produce drop only statements (josh-a-hicks)
0002313: [Bug] When SymmetricDS is stopped via REST or jmx, auto.start.engine should be set to false so the node won't restart automatically (chenson)
0002314: [Bug] dbimport of xml (XmlDataReader) does not handle xsi:nil correctly (chenson)
0002315: [Bug] Generated ddl should always escape ' with ''. MySQL and Postgres currently do not. (chenson)
0002316: [Bug] On SQL Server a default value of '' is exported as '''' (chenson)
0002318: [Improvement] Performance improvements in gap detection during routing. Improves routing performance with lots of gaps. (chenson)
0002326: [Bug] Empty reload batch causes batch to end prematurely (chenson)
0002327: [Improvement] Add an install method to the REST api that takes a properties file and installs it in the engines directory and starts the node (chenson)
0002332: [Improvement] Better logging for bsh load filter errors (chenson)
0002333: [Bug] Audit router inserts failing due to case sensitive collation (chenson)
0002334: [Bug] create triggers should take into account that the catalog or schema could be blank in database versus null (chenson)
0002335: [Improvement] Make the ISyncUrlExtension more flexible by always calling a registered ISyncUrlExtension (chenson)
0002341: [Improvement] Add the ability to use parameter values in catalog and schema for trigger, router, and transform configuration. (elong)
0002343: [Bug] A load script doesn't fire the error script if the schema is left blank on Oracle (chenson)
0002344: [Improvement] Geography data type support (josh-a-hicks)
0002350: [Bug] setting suspend=1 on sym_node_channel_ctl gets set back to 0 when extract happens (chenson)
0002351: [Improvement] Order configuration export for diff reporting (elong)
0002357: [Improvement] Need to be able to set the field terminator and record terminator for the mssql bulk loader (chenson)
0002359: [Bug] Handle nvarchar default values on sql server that start with N' during schema creation (chenson)
0002360: [Bug] Initial loads not working from source to target in the multiple source to single targets profile (chenson)
0002361: [Bug] Ignore sqlite_autoindex_ indexes in the sqliteddlreader (chenson)
0002365: [Bug] dbexport incorrectly blanks out the schema when the schema is the default schema and the catalog is not (chenson)
0001620: [Improvement] Move SymmetricDS to Github (chenson)
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