Released 2015-10-01
0002367: [New Feature] TableTransformation operation change support for UPDATE-DML (in addition to DELETE) (chenson)
0002311: [Improvement] Don't use 503 when SymmetricDS is unavailable as some proxies return that as well. (chenson)
0002312: [Improvement] Return different error codes for when an engine is stopped or starting versus the server is too busy (chenson)
0002320: [Improvement] Bump up the default amount of memory from 256 to 1024 (chenson)
0002323: [Improvement] Don't select row_data, old_data or pk_data when routing if only default routers are assigned (chenson)
0002329: [Improvement] set as the default setting (chenson)
0002395: [Improvement] Delay routing exception logged as error (elong)
0002317: [Improvement] Upgrade Jetty to version 9.3.3.v20150827 (chenson)
0002363: [Bug] CHAR(x) Column Padding with whitespaces won't work if character conversion is needed to (chenson)
0002372: [Improvement] allow SQL-LookupColumnTransform access to OLD-Column values (chenson)
0002375: [New Feature] LoadFilter with SQL-Script support (chenson)
0002396: [Improvement] Provide functionality to not require context table on sqlite for threadsafe data capture (chenson)
0002397: [Improvement] Add support for Oracle interval data type (chenson)
0002399: [Bug] Oracle bulk loader should respect dataloader.max.rows.before.commit and execute database writer filters (chenson)
0002400: [Bug] Unwanted warning: Starting a new process even though the previous 'Database Pull' process ... (chenson)
0002393: [Bug] NVARCHAR limit on SQL Server is a size of 4000 (chenson)
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