Released 2015-10-23
0002408: [Bug] Error while starting sym with Java 7 (chenson)
0002416: [Improvement] Remove jmx.agent.enabled and jmx.agent.port from (chenson)
0002421: [Bug] as400 triggers fail to execute with some clob datatypes (chenson)
0002296: [Bug] MySQL bulk loader produced invalid data file if the first column in table is binary. (chenson)
0002297: [Bug] Column names in MySQL bulk loader should be quoted (chenson)
0002409: [Improvement] Cache the sym_node_group_channel_wnd table for use during batch extract (chenson)
0002410: [Bug] Offline jobs should be initialized in the sym_lock table (chenson)
0002411: [Improvement] Order outgoing and incoming batches by create time desc in the snapshot so we get the last 5000 batches (chenson)
0002414: [Improvement] Log the sync url in debug mode (chenson)
0002417: [Bug] Sqlite update and delete triggers use incorrect custom text (mmichalek)
0002419: [Improvement] When comparing column names in the model comparator case should be ignored when (chenson)
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