Released 2015-11-17
0002459: [Bug] Timestamp Values may get exported with invalid format (mmichalek)
0002425: [Bug] SymmetricDS Android has a dependency on MySQL libraries (chenson)
0002432: [Bug] SymmetricDS can not create trigger for the table with column type of "TIMESTAMP(0) WITH TIME ZONE" (mmichalek)
0002435: [Improvement] Warning about "Skipping index" should be debug level (elong)
0002437: [Bug] Loading a 'timestamp with time zone' field into a 'timestamp' column appears to mangle the time. (mmichalek)
0002441: [Bug] Failed to read table on Firebird (elong)
0002444: [Bug] DbExport fails when using "MSSQL" Type. (mmichalek)
0002447: [Bug] Redshift create tables does not support identity columns (josh-a-hicks)
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