Released 2016-06-10
0002605: [Improvement] Document Supported Data Types Across All Platforms (chenson)
0002607: [Bug] SymmetricDS wrapper fails to log when sym_service.conf is misconfigured. (mmichalek)
0002615: [Improvement] Support commas in column names (mmichalek)
0002616: [Improvement] Tighten up default Jetty HTTP security settings (mmichalek)
0002624: [Bug] Prioritize custom extensions over built-in extensions (elong)
0002626: [Improvement] Set order of triggers to first on SQL Server to preserve order of changes (elong)
0002630: [Improvement] Enhance JdbcSqltransaction to allow for preparation and execution of sql with named parameters (gwilmer)
0002636: [Bug] Issue 0002584 in 3.7.33 broke AS/400 triggers
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