Released 2016-11-08
0002876: [Improvement] FileSync initial load batches should respect max batch size of the filesync_reload channel (mmichalek)
0002863: [Task] Update the documentation for initial loads (josh-a-hicks)
0002874: [Bug] [SQL Server] When capture changes only is enabled, pk is not compared and potential syntax error (elong)
0002875: [Improvement] log at the warning level, not the error level when an unrecognized engine is specified or a bad url is used (chenson)
0002878: [Improvement] Provide for BSH scripting when reading properties files (mhanes)
0002883: [Bug] DBCompare overrides SQL output when using a single SQL file (mmichalek)
0002887: [Improvement] Update sym_service.conf with setting for http server response timeout. Reduce the default timeout from 2 hours to 1 minute (chenson)
0002890: [Improvement] For long running batches, log not only the dml count, but the dml count by table (chenson)
0002768: [Bug] Abandoned batches in StagingArea if Batch is marked as "OK" (josh-a-hicks)
0002888: [New Feature] Remove any staging files that do not associate with a batch in the incoming or outgoing batch table when purged. (josh-a-hicks)
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