0004301: [Improvement] Simplify conflicts screen to encourage valid settings (elong)
0004391: [New Feature] Rate staging performance (elong)
0004361: [Improvement] Encrypt node passwords (elong)
0002349: [Improvement] Provide more granular level of permissions (jvanmeter)
0004384: [New Feature] Password Complexity Meter (jvanmeter)
0001432: [Improvement] When a user cannot edit a panel, instead of hiding edit buttons, disable the buttons. (jvanmeter)
0001663: [Improvement] Windows authentication with SQL-Server (elong)
0001692: [Improvement] If you can't edit configuration, at least let you view it read-only (jvanmeter)
0004291: [New Feature] SQL-Server log miner (elong)
0004325: [New Feature] Two-Factor Authentication (jvanmeter)
0004357: [New Feature] Modify node registration panel to allow user to authorize opening registration (elong)
0004388: [Improvement] User Email Capture (jvanmeter)
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