0004566: [Improvement] Allow conflict edit panel to set ping back (elong)
0004537: [Bug] Nodes panel doesn't show hierarchy if multi-primary detected (elong)
0004520: [New Feature] New Screen Called Startup Parameters for Editing Engine Files (emiller)
0004532: [Improvement] Manage Startup Parameters screen needs its own privilege (emiller)
0004533: [Improvement] Batch data should be easily downloadable (emiller)
0004534: [Improvement] Update Support and Maintenance screens (emiller)
0004535: [Improvement] Improve Manage JVM Threads screen (emiller)
0004536: [Bug] Conflict timestamp or version column name not displayed on edit (elong)
0004539: [Improvement] Show query tab by default under the Explore tab (emiller)
0004540: [Improvement] Improve Manage Console Events Screen (emiller)
0004541: [Improvement] Fix all warnings on all Manage screens and classes (emiller)
0004542: [Bug] Admin privilege maintenance screen on remote nodes (elong)
0004554: [Bug] Staging encryption batch errors invalid lines and did not receive ack (elong)
0004558: [Bug] NPE during background refresh for session expiration (elong)
0004562: [Improvement] Manage Staging Area screen should hide folders when their contents don't match the filter value (emiller)
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