0004942: [Bug] Initial load blocking (elong)
0004932: [Bug] Transforms break deletes when primary key columns are transformed because of issue 4552 (pmarzullo)
0004763: [Bug] Raima Create Snapshot does not work (pmarzullo)
0004719: [Bug] MultiBatchStagingWriter writes "\r\n" on Windows for end of lines in child batch staging files (pmarzullo)
0004714: [Improvement] Oracle fails to check compatible v$parameter (elong)
0004672: [Improvement] Quick test before upgrade of sym_data_event (elong)
0004652: [Bug] Auto resolve ConflictException hides unique key exception (elong)
0004647: [Bug] Postgres Conflict Resolution blocks when trying to resolve (elong)
0003305: [Bug] Removing a channel can cause errors during push/pull (pmarzullo)
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