0004967: [Bug] Oracle log miner SQL parser exception from functional index (elong)
0005008: [Bug] Push and pull threads panels are empty (elong)
0004972: [Improvement] Oracle log miner remove deprecated CONTINUOUS_MINE for Oracle 19c (elong)
0004979: [Bug] Log mining trigger hist error causes drop trigger to run (elong)
0004983: [Improvement] Rebalance channels ignore negative initial load order (elong)
0004992: [Improvement] Write console events to log (elong)
0004997: [Improvement] Setup database should set socket read timeout higher than SQL query timeout (elong)
0004999: [Bug] Oracle Log Miner needs to handle rollback to savepoints (pmarzullo)
0005002: [Bug] Manage Installed Triggers screen should filter out the symmetric tables on the source table name instead of the trigger id (pmarzullo)
0005005: [Bug] Table list from remote client is not populated (elong)
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