0005394: [Bug] An NPE can occur when editing or deleting transforms (emiller)
0005397: [Bug] Grid on Manage Installed Triggers screen maintains selection when it shouldn't (emiller)
0005379: [Bug] Options in change dropdown on outgoing batch screen get disabled when auto refresh is on (emiller)
0005367: [Bug] IllegalArgumentException prevents user from viewing batch data (emiller)
0005372: [Bug] Cursor skips to end of editor when entering a period into an Ace Editor (emiller)
0005373: [Bug] NPE when Choose Admin User screen of Node Setup Wizard updates its properties (emiller)
0005382: [Improvement] Improve appearance/behavior of batch window (emiller)
0005399: [Bug] Grid on Configure Jobs screen doesn't update automatically when a job is created or deleted (emiller)
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