0004008: [Improvement] Web console "signing out" forever when database not available (cquamme)
0004406: [Bug] Logging in says "Logging Off" after selecting Clear Error then restarting instance (cquamme)
0005428: [Improvement] SQL Server Azure Managed Instance Detection while setting up bulk loading (josh-a-hicks)
0003554: [Improvement] Postgres bulk loader throws error if more columns in source than target (emiller)
0003947: [Bug] Dashboard configure is inaccurate for multiple views of same view (emiller)
0005391: [Bug] Settings missing from console-service-settings.json can cause NPEs (emiller)
0005396: [Bug] Postgres bulk loader skips SQL event if table is missing (elong)
0005377: [Improvement] Manage Load Screens Show When Batch Is In Error and Ignoring A Row Directly From Manage Batch Screens (cquamme)
0003490: [Improvement] Change sym_channel.reload_flag to 0/1 when its used by sym_trigger.channel_id/reload_channel_id (emiller)
0003702: [Bug] Dashboard Setting's Preview pane doesn't correctly refresh when you add components that cause a new row (emiller)
0005402: [Improvement] Improved support for MSSQL Azure Managed Instance (josh-a-hicks)
0005403: [Bug] Missing PK warning doesn't go away if the related trigger is deleted (emiller)
0005408: [Bug] Interrupt button disables and selection doesn't persist on Manage Processes screen (emiller)
0005407: [Bug] UniqueKeyException when bulk editing trigger routers (emiller)
0005409: [Bug] NPE on Bulk Loader screen of Connect Database Wizard when setting up a SQL Server node (emiller)
0005410: [Bug] Cancel load and some batches continue to load (elong)
0005411: [Bug] After installing SwaggerUI, engine won't start (elong)
0005420: [New Feature] In the Auto Create Transforms dialog, let the user choose whether all columns should be mapped for them (emiller)
0005426: [Improvement] Allow multi-selection when editing transform columns (emiller)
0005429: [Bug] Node registering over push is not sent config for professional tables (elong)
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