0003476: [Improvement] When a node is unregistered cancel all jobs / threads that are actively doing work for that node (JishLong)
0000706: [Improvement] Make sleep time between registration retries configurable (JishLong)
0005869: [Improvement] Improve documentation of sym_node_group_link.sync_config_enabled (emiller)
0005314: [Bug] Infinite synchronization loop when 3 nodes are connected to each other and sync_on_incoming_batch = 1 (emiller)
0005867: [Bug] Prevent file sync from syncing all files when first scanning a directory when initial load is enabled (emiller)
0005863: [New Feature] Add option to send additional batch error notifications when the number of batches in error increases (emiller)
0002260: [Improvement] Also sync the stored procedures with the schema (emiller)
0004151: [Bug] MSSQL DDL ERROR: View / function / stored procedure (emiller)
0005848: [Bug] Security Vulnerbility in Spring Framework (elong)
0005853: [Improvement] sym_monitor_event trigger should capture changes when monitor.events.capture.enabled=true even if auto.sync.configuration=false (emiller)
0005847: [Improvement] Try again when foreign key correction fails (emiller)
0005836: [Improvement] Specify jaxb api and implementation so that libraries will be available when running in Java 8 through 17 (pmarzullo)
0005834: [Bug] Unnamed constraint causes alter table error (JishLong)
0005565: [Improvement] Adding Character Set to Snapshot (cquamme)
0005812: [Improvement] MathColumnTransform uses Evaluator that is not thread-safe (cquamme)
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