Scheduled For Release 2020-05-29
0004167: [Improvement] sym_router table should require router_type value, providing a default value of 'default'
0004284: [Improvement] Sync Triggers: Should enhance syncing of triggers to not delete trigger if platform supports create or replace syntax
0004283: [New Feature] Monitor event for long running queries
0004024: [Improvement] When instance comes up, if in cluster mode and auto.config.database is true, should get lock before updating database
0002997: [Bug] It's not possible to send a reload of just the files right now.
0002655: [Improvement] Parameters and/or programmatic way to control type and size for sym_data, sym_trigger fields
0001216: [Improvement] FK for transform_id
0004116: [Bug] Syncing from Time to Timestamp (or vice versa) in Postgres produced inaccurate values
0004192: [Improvement] Non-unique index on sym_data should be unique (pmarzullo)
0000830: [New Feature] Add Redis NOSQL data loader for SymmetricDS (josh-a-hicks)
0004034: [New Feature] Create tables based on target table name and column names set by routers and transforms (elong)
0004279: [Improvement] Remove JAR files that are not used as often to download separately (elong)
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