Scheduled For Release 2020-10-30
0003634: [Bug] SQL Server Error when lacking some privileges and clicking on a database in SQL Explorer.
0004410: [Bug] "Reconnect" to database for SymmetricDS installation fails with security exception
0003289: [Bug] Groups are incorrectly filtered out on Add Node wizard when group link is single direction
0003725: [Bug] Tomcat deployments will not register due to remote status
0003789: [Improvement] Sort SQL configuration export by primary key to make it easier to diff
0004366: [Bug] Manage outgoing loads screen does not update completed tables with last set of active tables when those tables are complete
0004608: [Improvement] Improve Configure Transforms screen (emiller)
0004604: [New Feature] Add file containing information about blocking processes to snapshots (emiller)
0004606: [Improvement] Widen Process Type combo box on Manage Processes screen (emiller)
0004603: [New Feature] Indicate when nodes or users are locked out and add buttons to unlock them (emiller)
0004602: [Bug] Allow a group link to be deleted when its only dependencies are system transforms (emiller)
0004601: [Bug] Prevent registration server from being unregistered (emiller)
0004592: [Improvement] Update deprecated components on Explore tab (emiller)
0004594: [Bug] First time setup admin user encryption strength (elong)
0004590: [Improvement] Update deprecated components on Design tab (emiller)
0004589: [Improvement] Update deprecated components on Dashboard tab (emiller)
0004587: [Improvement] Improve multi-select grid behavior (emiller)
0004588: [Improvement] Improve behavior of "Active Only" checkbox on Manage JVM Threads screen (emiller)
0004570: [Improvement] Fix all warnings on AbstractEditPanel and the classes that extend it (emiller)
0004576: [Bug] Filter in Design Overview tab does not work correctly (emiller)
0004575: [Improvement] Upgrade jQuery library to 3.5.1 (emiller)
0004569: [New Feature] Add a file to snapshots that contains thread CPU and memory usage information (emiller)
0004564: [New Feature] Add option to allow changes from SQL to be captured (emiller)
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