Scheduled For Release 2021-04-30
0004953: [Bug] Switching nodes changes the column widths of the grids on the Dashboard screen
0003634: [Bug] SQL Server Error when lacking some privileges and clicking on a database in SQL Explorer.
0003289: [Bug] Groups are incorrectly filtered out on Add Node wizard when group link is single direction
0003789: [Improvement] Sort SQL configuration export by primary key to make it easier to diff
0004366: [Bug] Manage outgoing loads screen does not update completed tables with last set of active tables when those tables are complete
0004934: [Bug] Service won't start on Windows after enabling JMX (elong)
0004665: [Bug] Prevent items from being duplicated when their ID is edited (emiller)
0004795: [Improvement] Improve router expression editor (emiller)
0004913: [New Feature] Add staging progress bars (emiller)
0004939: [Improvement] Stop resetting the position of the vertical split in the Design tab (emiller)
0004938: [Improvement] Open quick config wizard when table or file sync icon is clicked (emiller)
0004937: [Improvement] Save grid column visibility when switching screens (emiller)
0004936: [Bug] Fix date sorting in grids (emiller)
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