Scheduled For Release 2021-06-30
0003389: [Improvement] Dbcompare ordering by PK with timestamp or varchar with utf8
0004951: [Bug] Sybase: drop column needs to add "with no datacopy" clause to succeed
0004952: [Bug] Cannot resolve monitors of type log
0003563: [Improvement] The query has timed out. purgeExtractRequests
0004201: [Bug] Failed to create update trigger for triggers that use and external_select with $(curTriggerValue)
0003109: [Bug] File replication routing job fails with error message when channel is not a file sync channel - needs better error message
0003251: [Bug] Mysql BIGINT UNSIGNED processed as signed and gives error on larger than 63 bits numbers.
0003295: [Bug] Sync from MySql to MSSql initial load - table create fails on Decimal Precision when MySQL precision is more than 38
0003554: [Improvement] Postgres bulk loader throws error if more columns in source than target
0003576: [Improvement] Resync trigger if it is failing due to deadlock
0005000: [Improvement] Turn on Jetty access logging (josh-a-hicks)
0005014: [Bug] BigQuery connectivity not loading security file properly (josh-a-hicks)
0003545: [Bug] Mapped default values lead to always detecting a model change (pmarzullo)
0005025: [Improvement] Informix dialect with page size 2k (elong)
0005023: [Improvement] Sync Triggers should execute successfully in parallel by table (pmarzullo)
0005022: [Bug] BigQuery type not found FLOAT (elong)
0005021: [New Feature] DBFill support for load only nodes (josh-a-hicks)
0005019: [Bug] Service fails to install on SUSE 15 (elong)
0004991: [Bug] Kafka XML escaping needed (pmarzullo)
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