Scheduled For Release 2021-08-31
0005069: [Improvement] InitialLoadService does not log when it fails to find source/target node IDs
0004951: [Bug] Sybase: drop column needs to add "with no datacopy" clause to succeed
0004952: [Bug] Cannot resolve monitors of type log
0004201: [Bug] Failed to create update trigger for triggers that use and external_select with $(curTriggerValue)
0003563: [Improvement] The query has timed out. purgeExtractRequests
0003109: [Bug] File replication routing job fails with error message when channel is not a file sync channel - needs better error message
0003251: [Bug] Mysql BIGINT UNSIGNED processed as signed and gives error on larger than 63 bits numbers.
0003295: [Bug] Sync from MySql to MSSql initial load - table create fails on Decimal Precision when MySQL precision is more than 38
0003554: [Improvement] Postgres bulk loader throws error if more columns in source than target
0003576: [Improvement] Resync trigger if it is failing due to deadlock
0005088: [Bug] Duplicate column name error (elong)
0005082: [Bug] Mail service support for encrypted passwords (josh-a-hicks)
0005074: [Bug] CSV to database replication is not working (rudiejd)
0005057: [New Feature] Record table stats by DML type (josh-a-hicks)
0003545: [Bug] Mapped default values lead to always detecting a model change (pmarzullo)
0005070: [Bug] Error on purge on Firebird DB with Dialect 1 (rudiejd)
0005085: [Bug] Data loader gets ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on batch (elong)
0005079: [Bug] Tibero bulk loader failing because table and columns quoted in control file (elong)
0005080: [Bug] Bulk loaders treat all conflicts as if their detection type is USE_CHANGED_DATA when forming where clauses (emiller)
0005078: [Bug] Tibero won't update table with LOB when missing PK (elong)
0005077: [Bug] Spaces prevent conflict configuration from working (elong)
0000653: [Bug] dbexport should export xml in utf-8 (rudiejd)
0002233: [Bug] IgnoreColumnException and IgnoreRowException are not handled correctly in bsh extension scripts (rudiejd)
0004658: [Bug] Postgresql data type - character varying problem (rudiejd)
0005068: [Bug] Postgres operator doesn't exist when using domain user defined type (elong)
0005067: [Bug] Failing to sync stored procedures containing semi-colons (rudiejd)
0005066: [Bug] Sybase column of type unitext causing error when used in "where" clause (elong)
0005055: [Bug] DB2 filtering node list with a limit has invalid syntax (josh-a-hicks)
0005056: [Bug] DBExport for AS400 fails compatibility check (josh-a-hicks)
0005062: [Bug] Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY: problem inserting when both BLOB and SDO_GEOMETRY are in the table (pmarzullo)
0005054: [Bug] UnixService for wrapper: needs to wait for cmdline object to show up when starting wrapper on Amazon EC2 (pmarzullo)
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