Scheduled For Release 2022-07-15
0005252: [Bug] Fix IllegalArgumentException on Manage Outgoing Batches screen (pmarzullo)
0005346: [Bug] Update Script Not Properly Appending Semicolons (jvanmeter)
0005345: [Bug] Script editor validation doesn't work as intended (emiller)
0005342: [Bug] Group link names extend past layout boundaries on Design tab (emiller)
0005339: [Bug] NPE when rebuilding a trigger with a missing table (emiller)
0005337: [Bug] Oracle Log Mining of LOBs needs to handle lob writes across multiple result set records better (pmarzullo)
0005332: [Improvement] Improved how the Mongo Client is Created and Used (jvanmeter)
0005331: [Bug] Elasticsearch Insert Appending Too Many Commas (jvanmeter)
0005330: [Improvement] Improved Elasticsearch RestHighLevelClient Calling Method (jvanmeter)
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