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0001294SymmetricDS ProImprovementpublic2014-02-03 01:53
ReportermhanesAssigned Toabrougher  
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Product Version3.4.8 
Target Version3.5.0Fixed in Version3.5.0 
Summary0001294: Need to further clarify what "type" of push or pull on the Manage screens
DescriptionThe terms push and pull are no longer specific enough. The Manage screen, for example, just says "Pull Threads" and "Push Threads", but doesn't indicate whether it's the database pull/push or the file sync pull/push.

In addition, the Processes list service type names should also be more specific. File Sync Push is mentioned, but the database one just says "Push"
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0001294: Need to further clarify what "type" of push or pull on the Manage screens Affected Issues
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