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0001486SymmetricDSBugpublic2014-02-03 01:53
Reporterraja_s_patil Assigned Tochenson  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.5.11 
Target Version3.5.12Fixed in Version3.5.12 
Summary0001486: File Sync "sync_on_delete" not honored.
DescriptionWe have configured File Synchronization as Follows
For testing we have used a snapshot of 3.5.12.

    INSERT INTO sym_file_trigger
        (trigger_id, base_dir, recurse, includes_files, excludes_files, sync_on_create,
        sync_on_modified, sync_on_delete, before_copy_script,
        after_copy_script, create_time, last_update_time)
        ('Tomcat_Logs', '/home/FB_DATA/logs', 1, '*.logarc',null, 1,
         1, 0, 'targetBaseDir = "/Tej-EIS-Common/logs-Branch/" + sourceNodeId;',
         null, current_timestamp, current_timestamp);

    INSERT INTO sym_file_trigger_router
        (trigger_id, router_id, enabled, initial_load_enabled, target_base_dir,
        conflict_strategy, create_time, last_update_time)
        ('Tomcat_Logs', 'Branch_2_Central_Logs', 1, 0, '',
         'SOURCE_WINS', current_timestamp, current_timestamp);

1. When new .logarc is Created it is replicated Properly.
2. When .logarc is edited it is replicated Properly.

3. When .logarc is deleted it is also deleted from destination in-spite of sync_on_delete is set to 0, which should not.

4. When .logarc primary name is renamed its also renamed on destination which as per logic, I feel that it should retain original file as well should create new file with new name. However at present does not matter since current functionality is also logically correct in another sense.

Thanks and warm Regards

Raja Patil
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