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0001670SymmetricDSBugpublic2021-08-20 20:42
Reportersgarten Assigned Torudiejd  
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Product Version3.5.20 
Summary0001670: --jmx-disable
Descriptionwhen using the --jmx-disable option with the sym start command, the JMX console is still started and accessible. However, if I edit the file and set the jmx.http.enable=false, the jmx console is not started.

Steps To Reproducesample command line has no effect on the JMX console:
nohup /appl_top/developers/symmetrc/home/symmetrc/mobile-sync/symmetric/bin/sym --host --port 31415 --properties /appl_top/developers/symmetrc/home/symmetrc/mobile-sync/config/ --server --jmx-disable

however, setting jmx.http.enable=false in the conf/ file, prevents the JMX console from starting.



2021-08-12 19:15

developer   ~0001987

In 3.12, starting the server with "--no-log-console" seems to work for me. I think the --jmx-disable option is deprecated. Can you confirm that this is still an issue in our latest version?

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