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0001692SymmetricDS ProImprovementpublic2020-05-26 18:49
ReportermhanesAssigned Tojvanmeter  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.5.21 
Target Version3.12.0Fixed in Version3.12.0 
Summary0001692: If you can't edit configuration, at least let you view it read-only
DescriptionCurrently, if you are not on the 'server' node, the list of transforms has the transform list but the Edit button is removed to prevent editing at a client. It would be useful to instead have a "View" button that shows an uneditable list of the transform columns.
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related to 0002349 closedjvanmeter Provide more granular level of permissions 


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2014-04-24 19:49 mhanes New Issue
2014-12-10 15:10 chenson Target Version 3.7.0 =>
2019-05-09 17:20 elong Summary Non-server view of transforms would be better if you could "View Columns" on the transforms => If you can't edit configuration, at least let you view it read-only
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