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0001699SymmetricDSBugpublic2014-06-16 20:27
ReporteryitziAssigned Tochenson 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.5.21 
Target Version3.6.0Fixed in Version3.6.0 
Summary0001699: Changing Trigger results in Error om Tables with an uppercase letter
DescriptionAny Table that has an uppercase letter in its name, that has one of its triggers changed. Results in the following error.

drop trigger SYM_ON_D_FOR_NTFYNT_SB4 on NotifyUnit and failed because: ERROR: relation "notifyunit" does not exist

It appears that SQL statement it is using is
drop trigger SYM_ON_D_FOR_NTFYNT_SB4 on NotifyUnit;
instead it should be
drop trigger SYM_ON_D_FOR_NTFYNT_SB4 on "NotifyUnit";
Steps To ReproduceCreate a table in postgres with a capital letter
Add a trigger in sym_triggers for that table
Add a router in sym_router and sym_trigger_router

Start up symmetricDS. It will successfully create the trigger

Now add a second router in sym_router and sym_trigger_router (to replicate to a 3rd database)

Restart SymmetricDS, the error should appear.

We tested on 3.5.10 and 3.5.21
Additional InformationAlthough we would like to rename all tables to lowercase, its a legacy system and we are unable to.
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0001699: Changing Trigger results in Error om Tables with an uppercase letter
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