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0001716SymmetricDSNew Featurepublic2019-05-14 10:29
ReporterThomas.Weinhold@encontec.deAssigned To 
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Product Version3.5.20 
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Summary0001716: New collision detect_type USE_CUSTOM_COL
DescriptionThere is a use case, where next to the primary key another table column has to be unique at the replication tagret (eg. a unique secondary key). A collision of an insert into the target table with a non-existing PK and an already existing SK is not possible to detect.

Actual detect_types use always the primary key to detect collsions. Except from USE_OLD_DATA but this one compares the whole data row.

Maybe a detect_type "USE_CUSTOM_COL" would be great to detect confilcts at custom table columns (independant from PK).
Tagsconflict manager


related to 0000780 new Allow specific columns to be chosen with the USE_OLD_DATA conflict detection option 



2014-07-07 20:08

administrator   ~0000541

This sounds like a great idea. We'll consider it for an upcoming release.


2016-02-17 05:49

reporter   ~0000763

Are there any plans to do implement this in the next releases ?

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