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0001755SymmetricDSBugpublic2014-07-12 17:31
ReporterhrkAssigned Tochenson 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.5.22 
Target Version3.6.2Fixed in Version3.6.2 
Summary0001755: XML Data (schema and data) is not properly escaped.
DescriptionRunning an export/import or an initial load fails due to having a table with a column with an '&' in its name. The resulting XML is invalid and the receiving node fails.

It looks to me like the change in isn't enough. It uses StringEscapeUtils to escape the value, but not to escape the column name, resulting in the invalid XML.

[Please, don't ask why I have a column w/ "&" in its name]
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0001755: XML Data (schema and data) is not properly escaped.
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