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0001758SymmetricDSBugpublic2014-07-12 17:31
ReportertregnagoAssigned Tochenson 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.5.22 
Target Version3.6.2Fixed in Version3.6.2 
Summary0001758: PostgreSQL default value for 'uuid' field type
DescriptionSqlException happens with initial.load.create.first=true with PostgreSQL, using uuid data types.
Steps To ReproduceOriginal table has an uuid column type with a default value of 'deadbeef-badd-badd-badd-2be2def4bedd'::uuid.

CREATE TABLE sys_ruoli
  idruolo uuid NOT NULL DEFAULT uuid_generate_v4(),
  ruolo character varying(50) NOT NULL,
  descrizione character varying(100) NOT NULL,
  immagine bytea,
  incarico boolean NOT NULL,
  inserimento timestamp(3) without time zone NOT NULL DEFAULT now(),
  idrecordwriter uuid NOT NULL DEFAULT 'deadbeef-badd-badd-badd-2be2def4bedd'::uuid,
  CONSTRAINT pk_sys_ruoli PRIMARY KEY (idruolo)
Additional InformationServer generates this:
<!DOCTYPE database SYSTEM "">
<database name="public">
    <table name="sys_ruoli">
        <column name="idruolo" primaryKey="true" required="true" type="OTHER" size="2147483647" default="uuid_generate_v4()">
            <platform-column name="postgres" type="uuid" size="2147483647"/>
        <column name="ruolo" required="true" type="VARCHAR" size="50">
            <platform-column name="postgres" type="varchar" size="50"/>
        <column name="descrizione" required="true" type="VARCHAR" size="100">
            <platform-column name="postgres" type="varchar" size="100"/>
        <column name="immagine" type="LONGVARBINARY" size="2147483647">
            <platform-column name="postgres" type="bytea" size="2147483647"/>
        <column name="incarico" required="true" type="BIT" size="1">
            <platform-column name="postgres" type="bool" size="1"/>
        <column name="inserimento" required="true" type="TIMESTAMP" size="26,3" default="now()">
            <platform-column name="postgres" type="timestamp" size="26" decimalDigits="3"/>
        <column name="idrecordwriter" required="true" type="OTHER" size="2147483647" default="'deadbeef-badd-badd-badd-2be2def4bedd'::uuid">
            <platform-column name="postgres" type="uuid" size="2147483647"/>

And the client try to create the table with the following invalid syntax:
CREATE TABLE "sys_ruoli"
    "idruolo" uuid DEFAULT 'uuid_generate_v4()' NOT NULL,
    "ruolo" varchar(50) NOT NULL,
    "descrizione" varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    "immagine" bytea,
    "incarico" bool NOT NULL,
    "inserimento" timestamp DEFAULT 'now()' NOT NULL,
    "idrecordwriter" uuid DEFAULT '\'deadbeef-badd-badd-badd-2be2def4bedd\'::uuid' NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY ("idruolo")

which result in a syntax error.
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0001758: PostgreSQL default value for 'uuid' field type
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