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0001828SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2015-01-06 22:27
Reporterhrk Assigned Tochenson  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.6.2 
Target Version3.7.0Fixed in Version3.7.0 
Summary0001828: Update jTDS driver from 1.2.4 to 1.2.8
DescriptionThe current distribution of SymmetricDS bundles jTDS 1.2.4, whereas upstream is offering 1.2.8 and 1.3.1 (Java7+). Since SymmetricDS supports Java5+, the request is to update to 1.2.8.

Combined changelog from 1.2.4 to 1.2.8:

New features:
o Improved the database meta data support by adding (JDBC4) column IS_AUTOINCREMENT.
o Implemented support for the COMPUTE (BY) operator (bug 0000678, patch 0000048).

Bug fixes:
o #702, ConnectionJDBC2.getMutex() isn't thread-safe.
o 0000687, incompatible property name mappings.
o 0000699, conversion from timestamp String to Date fails.
o 0000695, trailing line comment breaking connection state on metadata retrieval.
o 0000694, jTDS logger may cause an NPE.
o #508, the driver ignored unspecified server errors.
o 0000682, error when using date/time escapes in a procedure call.
o 0000626, missing type mapping for java.math.BigInteger.
o 0000683, MSSQL 2000 compatibility issue.
o 0000552, jTDS may fail to find an SQL Server instance.
o 0000528, any ResultSet gets dropped when using RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS.
o Fixed a bug that caused Statement.close() to throw an exception for errors caused by previously executed statements.
o 0000609, slow SharedSocket finalization due to expensive locking.
o Fixed format conversion errors for DATETIME, DATE and TIME values.
o 0000615, SQL parser fails if function escapes contain nested functions.
o 0000634, incorrect comment processing in callable statements.
o Fixed parameter name format for procedure calls using named parameters.
o 0000647, preparing statements including a WITH clause don't retrieve meta data.
o 0000677, possible deadlock in JtdsStatement.close().
o 0000676, error in SQL parser concerning multi line comments.
o 0000541, data type mismatch when using {ts}/{t}/{d} JDBC escapes.
o A number of incorrect error messages have been fixed.
o 0000637, an attempt to execute a standard SQL statement using a CallableStatement now throws an appropriate SQLException on preparation.
o 0000633, possible NPEs in JtdsObjectFactory.
o Added missing getter/setter methods for connection property "autoCommit" in class JtdsDataSource.
o Corrected data types for connection properties "autoCommit" and "useNTLMv2".
o Added missing default for connection property "useNTLMv2".
o 0000661, memory pollution caused by ThreadLocal Calendar instances.
o 0000673, buffer overflow in SQL parser.
o 0000643, documentation error.
o 0000659, missing service provider configuration file for JDBC driver class.
o 0000656, unnecessary log pollution during emulated XA recovery.
o 0000667, spurious login timeouts if establishing connections concurrently.
o 0000642, a stream hasn't been closed in CharsetInfo.
o 0000608, various typos in
o 0000660, problems with WebRing code of the project website.
o Fixed a race condition when closing a Statement in concurrent threads.
o [3476715], parsing time values containing fractions of seconds may fail.
o Corrected a bug that could cause a call to JtdsStatement.close() to fail.
o Fixed a bug that could cause ResultSet cancellation to close the connection.
o [3141458], NPE if are called concurrently.
o [3078236], Exception chaining time grows exponentially.
o [3081749], SSPIJNIClient.getInstance() wasn't thread-safe.
o Corrected a bug that caused a RuntimeException to mask a prior SQLException.
o Improved fix for bug [2931326], Statement.close() cannot throw NPE anymore.
o [2931326], NPE if Statement.close() is called by threads concurrently.
o [3002431], improved handling of port discovery errors.
o [3000472], TimerThread started when closing the last connection.
o Fixed method synchronization in TimerThread.
o [2900139], NoClassDefFoundError with C3P0.
o [2856350]/[2898905], problems with JDBC4 stubs in GlassFish.
o [2911266], default response timeout of 30 seconds if using named pipes.
o [2892493], NullPointException when receiving character NULL values.
o [2891775], fix for bug [2340241] has broken Java 1.3 compatibility.
o [2883066], Numeric overflow in conversion BigInteger/BIGINT.
o [2871274], no soft kill for TimerThread.
o Corrected a bug that lead to login errors being masked by later exceptions.
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