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0002215SymmetricDSBugpublic2019-04-12 08:48
Reporterondrejhala Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.7.6 
Summary0002215: Error during use of dbexport feature on PostgreSQL database
DescriptionIllegal State Exception is fired during export of table from PosgreSQL database v8.4.2 with dbexport tool.

Exception message: Cannot translate a java.lang.Long into a byte[].

This happens only on tables with large object column.
Steps To ReproduceCall dbexport on PosgreSQL database v8.4.2 on table that contains column with type lo.

.\dbexport --engine SymmetricDsPSRV --format=csv --dir=C:\DBExport attachment
Additional InformationStructure of table:
CREATE TABLE attachment
  id integer NOT NULL,
  packed_len bigint NOT NULL,
  packed_len_id integer NOT NULL,
  buffer lo


Log output will be written to C:\SymmetricDS\symmetric-psrv-export/logs/symmetric.log
[] - AbstractCommandLauncher - Option: name=engine, value={SymmetricDsPSRV}
[] - AbstractCommandLauncher - Option: name=format, value={csv}
[] - AbstractCommandLauncher - Option: name=dir, value={C:\DBExport}
[] - JdbcDatabasePlatformFactory - Detected database 'PostgreSQL', version '8', protocol 'postgresql'
[] - JdbcDatabasePlatformFactory - The IDatabasePlatform being used is org.jumpmind.db.platform.postgresql.PostgreSqlDat
An exception occurred. Please see the following for details:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot translate a java.lang.Long into a byte[]
        at org.jumpmind.db.sql.Row.toBytes(
        at org.jumpmind.db.sql.Row.getBytes(
        at org.jumpmind.db.platform.AbstractDatabasePlatform.getStringValues(
        at org.jumpmind.db.sql.AbstractSqlTemplate.query(
        at org.jumpmind.db.sql.AbstractSqlTemplate.query(
        at org.jumpmind.db.sql.AbstractSqlTemplate.query(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.DbExportCommand.executeWithOptions(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.AbstractCommandLauncher.execute(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.DbExportCommand.main(
Tagsdbimport/dbexport, dialect: postgresql, large objects


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