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0002544SymmetricDSBugpublic2019-05-22 16:04
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Product Version3.7.31 
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Summary0002544: Symmetric Server may mistakenly ignore batches when a node uninstalls and then registers
DescriptionIn cases where a node uninstalls and then quickly (potentially within the same day) registers, then there may be orphaned rows in sym_incoming_batch associated with the old instance of that node. When the node re-registers and starts to send data again (with the same ID), its batches are incorrectly ignored, based on the old data.

The recommended fix here will be to clean up the sym_incoming_batch table when a node registers. If a node unregisters itself, normally we will just let the purge take take of the sym_incoming_batch rows.



2019-05-22 16:04

developer   ~0001505

If I understand, the steps are:
1. Register client to server
2. Sync a test table from client to server
3. Observe that server has rows in sym_incoming_batch where node_id = 'client'
4. Un-install the client
5. Re-install client and register it
6. Try syncing a test table

Eventually, you hit the same batch IDs, which will be ignored. But, how would server know the difference between registering for the first time from a clean installation and a re-registration? If you clean up sym_incoming_batch from re-registration, then you could double load batches. Is that a lesser evil, or is there another way to solve this?

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