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0002558SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-07-22 13:56
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Product Version3.7.32 
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Summary0002558: MSQLSERVER nvarchar field is scramble (???) at target
DescriptionTry to replic a TABLE with SQLServer 2014

with a Field for exemple 'NAME' in nvarchar(50)

if you put this text : 'ជំរាបសួរ' in the field.... you will get '?????' in the remote node

Because the field sym_data is typed as text and not in ntext !

Tagscharacter encoding, dialect: sql-server


related to 0001766 closedchenson nvarchar data can be corrupted when the default database collation is set to a value that does not support double byte character 



2016-04-15 15:58

developer   ~0000783

Try setting this property in your engine properties file:



2019-09-21 11:08

reporter   ~0001604

i tried mssql.use.ntypes.for.sync=true but the unicode data sent to destination node still error


2020-05-20 14:15

developer   ~0001717

After you change parameter to mssql.use.ntypes.for.sync=true, you need to restart SymmetricDS. It should alter sym_data to use ntext type for row_data, old_data, and pk_data fields. Also, force the triggers to rebuild so they handle character data with nvarchar by running "symadmin sync-triggers -f".

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